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"My first renters Premier Realtors of Columbus experience was a great one and Patricia did a fantastic job. Not only was she easy to talk to, kind and courteous. She was also very professional during the inspection. She was noticing details I didn’t even notice. Most people in her position wouldn’t have done it. If more people were like Patricia then I’ll go through Premier Realtors again!"
- Erin R.

"Patricia Hitesan and the Premier Realtors of Columbus team/ Century21 were fantastic. At first, I thought they were a little over the top, especially regarding the fees but once I started working with them, I realized they were working to make sure both we and the landlord were both equally satisfied with the arrangements and there was no detail overlooked. The negotiations over a few small items went quickly and efficiently, the lease was specific to our needs and I feel like this is going to be a great experience."
- Maria S.

"Premier Realtors of Columbus has lifted off my shoulders the frustrations and stress of being Landlord, thanks to the property manager Patricia Hitesan whose professionalism and great customer service is commendable. I highly recommend her to any Landlord that wants a capable property manager and quality tenants. Good service, keep it up."
- Richard R.

"Very easy to communicate with and responds in a timely manner. Great properties at great prices."
- Joseph E.

"Highly recommend this company. They were great to work with from the time we contacted them about our home. The were also very helpful during the initial walkthrough and have already corrected issues we had identified."
- Tyler S.

"Very friendly staff and responds to maintenance requests in a timely manner."
- Louie D.

"They’re a great rental company! They inspect the homes thoroughly to make sure they’re taken care of, and when there’s an issue, they take care of it in a timely manner! I highly recommend them!"
- Mindy M.

"Great service and customer satisfaction!"
- Secquonya F.

"They've been managing my property since 2012 and the level of professionalism is top-notch - Thank you!"
- Blake L.

"Great Rental Company."
- Melony W.