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5 Benefits of Using a Property Manager

Premier Realtors of Columbus Property Management - Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Are you a hands-on landlord, or would you prefer to avoid weekend maintenance calls or monthly rental income and expense management? If you’d rather have someone else handle all of the boring details, hiring a property management company to manage your real estate investment might be the right choice for you! Yes, we do take a small percentage of your rental revenue, but we can also help to streamline your business and free up your time so you can focus on other things.

Here are 5 benefits Premier Realtors of Columbus Property Management can provide:

Screening out Problem Tenants

Experienced property managers see hundreds of applications coming across their desk each month, so their trained eyes are more likely to notice potential red flags when reviewing an applicant’s paperwork. Premier Realtors of Columbus conducts thorough screening that involves credit score check, criminal background check, rental history check, and income levels. Letting us manage the tenant screening process can improve your chances of landing a reliable tenant!

Acting as the Point of Contact for Tenant Concerns

If something breaks at your property, it’s not always convenient or possible to drive over to the unit to inspect it yourself (especially if you are out of state). Our property managers can address problems at all hours of the day and arrange for a service provider to repair or replace the item. Or, if you have a tenant who always seems to have a complaint, be it the noisy neighbors or the dog who relieves itself on the front lawn, you can breathe easy knowing that the property manager is the point of contact for those types of calls and that you don't have anything to worry about!

Decreasing Tenant Turnover

Good property management companies know how to keep their renters happy. Our property management team is honest, responsive, available, and will take care of problems right as they arise. Happy renters are less likely to look for another place to live and more willing to take better care of your home. At Premier Realtors of Columbus, we have a 1-2% vacancy rate on average for the 150 properties we currently manage.

Ensuring Rent is Paid on Time

Since many property management companies deduct their fees from the monthly rent, they are motivated to keep those payments flowing in. Consistent rent collection is the key to receiving rent payments on time, and we will enforce our lease policies if payments aren’t received in a timely fashion. If tenants are consistently failing to pay their rent on time (or at all), the property manager will know the proper steps to deal with the situation, including issuing an eviction notice if necessary. If eviction is filed, we will represent you in court so you don't have to deal with anything!

Reducing Your Rental Headaches

If someone else is handling the daily management of your rental property and tenants, you’ll have fewer complications and commitments to worry about. If more time and less stress are key to your quality of life, Premier Realtors of Columbus Property Management can be a great asset!

Investing in rental real estate can contribute to your monthly cash flow and build long-term wealth — but day-to-management isn’t for everyone as it takes a lot of time to keep tenants happy. If you just want a rent check and don’t want to be responsible for all of the other details of your real estate investment, leaving it up to Premier Realtors of Columbus to efficiently manage your property will be well worth the cost!